A bio to tell you a bit about me,
Lets see if I can do it very simply.
I'm totally coo coo for this sport, Crossfit,
It has changed my life - it makes my heart tick.
A husband, two kids, and two sisters I adore,
Because we can call each other byatch and whore                         (my sisters, that is).
I used to be a Nurse - that feels long ago,
Now I'm a trainer and get to yell 3-2-1 GO!
I'm a wanna be hip hop dancer with very few moves,
Except for my Tai bo which continues to improve.
I like to clean and have a titch of OCD,
My day planner is never very far from me.
Here I will blog some stories about my life,
As a Crossfitter, a mama and a person trying to get it right.  


  1. Look how cute you are! And funny to boot...keep on rockin'

  2. I don't follow CrossFit but I saw a picture of you when I Googled "Skipping Abs" (I'm trying to skip to lose weight and needed inspiration). I hope you do well in your CrossFit competitions and thanks for being an inspiration for me to follow a more healthy lifestyle.