Sunday, March 11, 2012

Ode to Sleep

So here's the thing - I like to write Ode's.  I've been doing them since early high school.  Mostly, I remember I would write Ode's to my sister when she moved away for University to add a little jazz to the typical letters from home.
Sample topics might include: Why our parents sucked (especially so on a Friday nite when I was at HOME while all my friends were out at a party); What WAS the point of social study classes;  Moving with Oprah (*sidebar - we will discuss Moving with Oprah again someday.  Guaranteed).

Point being,  I like to write Ode's.  Today I feel the need to write an Ode to Sleep.

Ode to Sleep

Once upon a time long, long ago
I used to sleep for at least 10 hours a nite
It was glorious, uninterrupted, solid sleep
And it made everything feel SOOO right.

Then I entered into pregnancy world
And discovered I was waking a bit more
Whether it be for my fifth trip to the bathroom
Or to roll over without falling on the floor.

Sleep was "better" when my baby arrived
Because my body was back to being my own
However, the sleep was brief and sporadic
As zombie land Breastfeeding became my new sleep zone.

Pregnancy number two came shortly after
Even before my toddler slept in her own bed
"Survival" was the theme during this time
Going to bed was kinda filled with dread!

Fast forward to where I'm at today
My kids are now six and four
Old enough to sleep all by themselves
Yet by eleven, they're sneaking through our door.

Some nites I'll stay in our king size bed
And try to weather out the "storm"
Sandwiched between kids, dogs and my snoring hubbie
Thinking this just can't be the norm!

Most nites I end up in my daughters room
After she comes and "gently" pokes me to wake
While there is more space with only us two
Her kicking legs never seem to take a break!

I try to explain to my kids that mommy needs her sleep
That it's essential for recovery from my WOD's
But as their eyes glaze over while I plead
I think they hear the usual mama blah blah blah....

One day I know I'll get to sleep again
And these years will seem long long ago
But every once in a while - to sleep sweet interrupted sleep
Would be freaking nice, you know?  (yeah, you know!!!  )

Sleep, precious sleep, be with y'all!!

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